YABHTU Validation, and I’m to blame

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
Many months ago, while researching what others had to say about their Tablet PC experience, I coined the term, YABHTU, to describe folks like Marc Orchant, Warner Crocker, James Kendricks and others as they shared their experiences with their new Tablet PC. I wanted to experience the same, but I remained skeptical. Little did I know that this simple term, intended to keep me from having to type out "Yet Another Blissfully Happy Tablet User" each time I wrote about it, would become an internet phenomenon.

Now, Warner and Marc write that YABTHU, has made the urban dictionary.

Marc writes:
There’ll be no stopping Eric’s uncontrollable urge to acronymize after this - his YABHTU (Yet Another Blissfully Happy Tablet User) tongue twister has been included in the Urban Dictionary. Here’s the definition:
YABHTU is an acronym used mostly by tech bloggers to refer to the highly enjoyable state of owning a tablet PC. It stands for “Yet Another Blissfully Happy Tablet User”.

”You know, my roommate has an HP tablet PC. It’s incredibly small, and has to have an external disk drive.”

“Wow, that sounds… Unfortunate.”

“Yep, but she’s totally YABHTU.”

Totally YABHTU. Oh dear.
For the curious, the first time I blogged about YABTHU was when I tried to get my hands on a new Tablet PC and learned just how difficult manufacturers made the process. You can click on the Tablet PC category to see more of my thoughts on the Tablet PC. So, where am I today? I've now had my M4 Tablet PC for approximately 5 months. It's growing on me. I see the productive benefits and I've made numerous demonstrations to clients about the productivity potential and challenges of the Tablet PC platform. In short, yes, I would buy another. I'm generally satisfied with the hardware form-factor. Now, I'm working on coming up with the ideal software configuration to suit my needs.

I guess you might say I'm YAHTU on my way to YABHTU. (Just for you, Marc)

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YABHTU Validation, and I’m to blame

Well...it's easier to say YAHTU at least (although people think I'm sneezing when I say it out loud).

Posted at 11/23/2005 5:04:35 by Marc Orchant

YABHTU Validation, and I’m to blame

Well, it's okay, even if YABHTU does sound like a tribe on some reality show. Whatever floats your boat. I work on a university campus, and I have never seen an actual human using one. My personal belief is that the market is rejecting tablet PC's. From my point of view, tablet PC's look like yet another layer of Microsoft software to contend with.

Posted at 11/23/2005 8:00:13 by mcogilvie

I beg to differ - I use my Tablet PC ...

I beg to differ - I use my Toshiba tablet both for making quick pen drawings (see here, for instance: { Link } ) for stuff where verbal description doesn't work and where doing a proper vector drawing just isn't worth the bother. I use it for presentations, to draw ink circles and lines on Powerpoint slides and to make drawings in lieu of a proper whiteboard (see { Link } And I use it to take notes in situations when typing wouldn't be appropriate (as when I was listening to talk by Elie Wiesel last week).

I think it is a very useful tool, not something I use every day, but it adds a very much appreciated layer of functionality. For a while I was irritated that it didn't integrate well into many programs, but since I don't use the text recognition program anyway and I write much slower long-hand than I touch-type, the tablet is the thing.

Posted at 11/26/2005 6:15:32 by Espen

Clearly YABHTU is too complex

You even twist some of the letters in your post. "For the curious, the first time I blogged about YABTHU was when I tried to get my hands on a new Tablet PC ..." <smile>

Posted at 11/26/2005 6:43:59 by fkjl

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