Why students need Tablets

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
You'll probably find this video of interest, even if you're not a traditional student,

James Kendrick posted a link to a 3 minute video by Scott Guthrie that answers the question “why students need tablets.” I agree with James' assessment that it's well worth the 3 minutes. It's a fun look at the "potential" for Tablet PCs as a computing platform; the video showcases a variety of Tablet PC productivity applications.

The video has two parts: life before tablet, portrayed in dull black and white, and life after tablet, in Technicolor with the Charlie Brown theme. No reboots are shown in the video, leading us to conclude that the experience was a happy one for everyone In the video. :-)  (Sorry, I couldn't resist) Seriously, I'd like to see a similar video featuring business applications. There are many. I'll start collecting ideas.

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Why students need Tablets

Great video! it was well put together and fun to watch! I sure wish that I'd had my tablet when I was in school!

Posted at 09/08/2005 4:54:12 by James Smith

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