Matt Buchanan made an excellent post today about his experience with the Toshiba MultiDock.

Matt writes:
I’ve been following your Tablet PC unveiling with great interest.  Nice job.  I am a Tablet user (M205), and probably YABHTU.

I recently had an out of the box experience with a tablet accessory (yes, an accessory!) that changed my tablet habits dramatically.  I posted about this experience this morning, and thought you might find the content interesting:
Matt's post came at a good time, too. I recently cancelled my MultiDock order because it did not look like something I would use. Well, apparently I'm not the only one who thought that way. Matt sets the record straight by sharing how he uses the MultiDock and he accents today's narrative with photos. I guess I'll have to call my Toshiba rep again ...

My current understanding is that Toshiba's discontinued the current MultiDock and that a new MultiDock II, apparently redesigned to accommodate the new 14" tablets (such as the M4), will ship in June. (Strange that the MultiDock II specs don't show gigabit ethernet support.)

Meanwhile, my own tablet adventures continue. I'm still configuring the new M4 in between client projects.  I took the tablet with me on my first road trip yesterday and I used it to take notes in meetings. I've got a page of notes to share on my current observations, lessons learned, likes, wants and rants. (Perhaps I can get Kathy to join me for the next podcast.)

Back to the title of this post. My favorite Tablet PC hardware accessory, so far, is a book scanner. (I've got a long wish list, including: an unobtrusive Bluetooth stereo headset/mic, a better portfolio carrying case, a magic wide-angle non-glare coating of some kind, and a mini fuel cell for 18 hours of uninterrupted use.) I'll blog about these soon.

What's your favorite Tablet PC accessory?

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What´s your favorite Tablet PC accessory?

I don't have many accessories, so I'll go with my most often used one: a Plantronics DSP-400 USB headset that I use daily. Dual ear speakers, an adjustable headset, a separate mute button and a noise cancelling microphone make Voice Commands & Dictation as effective as I think they can be. I still have a free USB port as well since the Tosh M205 has 2 USB ports. Everywhere I go with the Tosh, I go with the Plantronics. Well worth the $55.

Posted at 05/24/2005 18:15:22 by Kevin C. Tofel

What´s your favorite Tablet PC accessory?

1. Wacom Cross pen

2. 2nd battery

3. 2nd monitor

4. M200 FieldMate case. Akward to attach 2nd monitor or 2nd battery as unit has to be removed, BUT absolutely great in dispersing the heat underneath the machine when I am holding it in Tablet mode for a long time, and with the add'l hand-straps even more comfy to do so.

5. Wireless LAN & Internet


Marcus M Sommer

Posted at 05/25/2005 0:20:59 by Marcus M Sommer

What´s your favorite Tablet PC accessory?

mine is a $9.95 "Stable Table" padded tray, commonly used to eating meals in bed. It allows me to work in bed or on the couch (being someone who works from home I do this A LOT) without cooking my legs!

Posted at 05/25/2005 4:36:33 by Cameron Reilly

What´s your favorite Tablet PC accessory?

Mine is the Cross Penabled pen with eraser. Feels much more like a real pen when writing.

Posted at 05/25/2005 8:40:20 by James Kendrick

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