UFO on my M4 Tablet PC

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
Ever seen an ant farm? Remember how you could watch the ants moving around? Well, I have the same capability on my Tablet PC. What I thought was a stray comma, turns out to be a piece of dust trapped inside my new Tecra M4 Tablet PC. I've only had the unit open for less than 2 weeks and now this excitement. Like the ants in the ant farm of my childhood, the spec moves.

Right now, it's in the middle of my screen.

I'm speechless. [sort of]

I can't find the link at the moment, but I recall a recent discussion on TabletPCBuzz about this problem.

I remember thinking to myself: that won't happen to me ...

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UFO on my M4 Tablet PC

I had that problem on my M200. really irritating - right in the middle. The bad part was that it grew over time.

You can remove the display if you are reallllly careful to clean the dust - I never attempted it though. My suggestion would be to take to an Authorized Service Provider and get them to fix it - should be a warranty issue.

Posted at 06/01/2005 15:34:06 by Rob Bushway

I´m not taking my M4 apart

Thanks, Rob. I thought about opening up the unit, but for the $$ I've invested in this machine, I'm not going to open it up. I actually purchased the extended warranty and the screen replacement package. Unfortunately, I'm set to demo to a client and I don't want to give up the tablet. I'm still working through some other M4 issues (some good, some disappointing) so I'll probably try to deal with all of these at once.

I've been using this tablet for less than 2 weeks. I'm surprised at the experience. I don't want to admit that Michael Hyatt was right, so I'll keep working at it, stubborn as I am.


Posted at 06/01/2005 16:03:47 by Eric Mack

UFO on my M4 Tablet PC

If it is not too late why not consider return. You should really check out Fujitsu...

Posted at 06/02/2005 2:19:05 by Sara Tompson

UFO on my M4 Tablet PC

My previous laptop was a cast-off from my dad, and the screen contained a tiny dead fly. It wasn't dead when it entered, and he had the whole experience of watching it crawl into the screen, trying anything he could think of to coax it to the edge and out, and finally seeing it die in the middle of his screen.

He was not pleased.

Posted at 06/02/2005 14:18:32 by Michael Randall

Rob Bushway sent this link re: Dust on Tablets

I thought I would share this link to a helpful thread on TabletPC Buzz re: dust on the Toshiba Tablets.

{ Link }

Thanks, Rob! Thank you to many of you who have sent suggestions. I'll get back to the questions asked of me soon. I've got a big meeting coming up. Cool stuff.

BTW: I have no plans to disassemble my new M4; I paid for the screen replacement warranty. I'll call support to deal with it as soon as I resolve my CPU slow-down issues.

Posted at 06/03/2005 0:52:06 by Eric Mack

UFO on my M4 Tablet PC

I have dirt under my new M4 screen. Still wondering how to handle this. Don't know if Toshiba will do it under warranty but apparently this is a common problem from the M200 to M4 models. I read multiple postings online about dirt appearing under the screens. Anyone have detailed instructions?

Posted at 12/18/2005 22:53:53 by Dave

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