The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

Saturday, August 27th, 2005
Earlier this week, I blogged about how not to break your nose while reading a Tablet PC. I promised to post photos of my discovery of the ultimate Tablet PC (or big book) stand.  First, I want to thank for your patience and your prayers. It's been a very trying week, dealing with family medical issues made worse by a Tablet that wouldn't boot. My mother-in-law is showing small signs of improvement, and we're thankful for that.

Here, at last, are the long-promised photos of the computing stand that I found in the ICU ...


This floor-mounted stand, intended for an LCD panel, but which I have adapted for my Tecra M4, allows you to position the Tablet PC anywhere in a large radius , including directly overhead, etc. Get comfortable, move the tablet to a convenient position and read or write away.

I was unable to get the real picture I wanted - one of me laying on my back with the Tablet PC conveniently suspended above me. (These photos were taken in the ICU and I did not want to move my mother-in-law just to get the picture. I will, however, share my Tablet PC with her and show her this blog, when she wakes up.)


I can already tell that Kathy's not impressed with the idea of having one of these in our bedroom or the living room just so that I can read eBooks on my tablet. Nice idea, I guess.

Too bad. It was great not having to hold the Tablet PC in position yet being able to position it anywhere I wanted.

I did take many pictures of the mechanical design so I could build one. Perhaps I'll even build robotic Tablet stand with voice control that will come out of the ceiling and move around at my command.

Kathy doesn't think so.

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The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

You are a TRUE geek my friend! :)~

Posted at 08/29/2005 6:02:37 by Walter

The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

Seriously, you might look at the Electrovaya Wirestand for SC-2000 series. One came with my SC-3000 and I've really found it to be a great Tablet stand. It's exremely well made and VERY durable, very adjustable, and folds flat for easy carrying. I think it would work fine with your Tablet. I used mine last night while in bed to watch Annie Hall on my Tablet and I thought about your previous comments about difficulties using a Tablet in bed.

Michael Connick

Posted at 09/01/2005 6:19:01 by Michael Connick

The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

By the way, below is a link to a picture of my setup for watching a movie in bed on my Tablet PC using the Scribbler wireframe stand. Did you ever look into getting one, or did it turn out to be too small for your M4?

{ Link }


Posted at 09/16/2005 8:27:11 by Michael Connick

re: The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

Michael, I think the stand that you have is too small for the M4. The thickness of the M4 will not fit in the shelf and the size of the M4 screen, which I like, would probably make the stand unstable. I do like your stand, and I'll keep my eyes open for options to buy or build one. - Eric

Posted at 09/17/2005 17:43:48 by Eric Mack

The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

I found a link on gizmodo for a computer desk, { Link }

I remembered your UTPCStand and thought I'd pass it along. Given a telescoping height adjustment one should be able to get fairly decent use out of something like this for a tablet. More fodder for the DIY types.

Beyond that, some of the pictures that follow are amazing (#1 The EverCrack keyboard and #3 is not how to break your nose but how to die...)

Posted at 09/23/2005 7:11:01 by Jeff Schoolcraft

The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

dunno if u may already be aware of this product, but it seems that it may address some of your ergonomic concerns. also a bit more portable and less expensive. (that medical armature rig was impressive though!)

BTW i learned tons from your site, esp. tablet pc's... i'm actually waiting for my tecra m4!

Posted at 11/20/2005 16:15:55 by jason

The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand


You know those flat panel monitor stands that attach to the wall and bend in multiple ways? Do you think it would be possible to convert a LCD monitor stand for use with a tablet (without screws, obviously)? Not only would it take up less room than your institutional version, but it could be hidden behind a headboard in a bedroom or behind drapes when in a living room while not in use...Just wondering if you had any suggestions.

Posted at 03/19/2006 12:49:42 by Rachel Southerland

The Ultimate Tablet PC Stand

I have a slate-style tablet and use a product called the bookchair as a holder. It can be configured to hold the tablet at several angles.

{ Link }

Posted at 05/18/2006 21:08:16 by Don Pels

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