TabletPC Pursuit

Monday, March 28th, 2005
I have finally decided which TabletPC to buy. I plan to purchase the new Fujitsu T4010D - if I can get one soon. Many factors contributed to my selection of the Fujitsu model, including the screen, battery, optical options, and a handful of other innovative product features.

As a result of my blog posts, many people thoughtfully contacted me to share their personal experiences and to provide objective information to help me in my evaluation of the various TabletPC models from Toshiba and Fujitsu. Among these, were executives at Toshiba and Fujitsu, along with Marc Orchant, Lora Heiny, and Linda A. Epstein, creator of TABLETPC2.COM. (TabletPC2 is an outstanding resource for TabletPC comparisons.)  Thank you to each of you!

As you may know, when I researched the Fujitsu models, I became frustrated by the need to choose between the indoor or outdoor screen models. On Friday, an executive at Fujitsu sent me a detailed engineering document that reviews the engineering design process for TabletPC screens and how each design is more or less suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Equipped with a much better understanding of the technical details, I'm now confident that the wide-view indoor screen will serve my needs best. (I've written to ask for permission to post this document. Check back soon)  

With the knowledge of the specific TabletPC I want and the features that I will include, the remaining hurdle is how to get one.

It is still frustrating to me that I cannot go to my local computer super store and pick up a TabletPC or at least order one overnight from an internet dealer. Unfortunately, the combination of "features" that I have selected require that my TabletPC be "built-to-order." While I'm flattered that Fujitsu or Toshiba would build a TabletPC just for me, I still wish it were possible to purchase what I want from stock. Why should people have to go through all of this work? (Now that I've done the work, perhaps they should offer the "Eric Mack Edition." Hmmm. If Eddie Bauer can do it.... and he probably makes big bucks each time his name is used, too.  I'll have to think about that.)

If I am successful in ordering my new TabletPC for delivery in the next two weeks, this will be the last post on the ordering saga.

Moving forward, I plan to share my experiences integrating the TabletPC into my work and play.

I can't wait for my new TabletPC. Oh, I guess I'll have to. At least a few weeks more. :-(

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Did I make the right choice?

I too ordered the Fujitsu with the indoor widescreen, but I have worried about whether it was the right choice. I hope you can go into more detail about why you chose what you did and how, because I still wonder about my decision.

I doubt I will use it to show PowerPoint, but I might, and wonder if that may be an issue.

Posted at 03/30/2005 10:16:44 by PromoGuy

re: links to resources

Hi PromoGuy. Take a look at my post from 3/31/2005. I include some links to resources that you will find helpful.


Posted at 03/31/2005 10:15:50 by Eric Mack

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