Tablet PC Roller Coaster of Emotions

Thursday, May 26th, 2005
In case you haven't noticed, my Tablet PC adventure has been an emotional one. Lots to do, lots to learn. Fortunately, I've met some wonderful people along the way, who've given generously of their time to assist me in my quest to become YABHTU.

Lately, I've been pulled in two directions: I'm thoroughly enjoying the Tablet PC as a platform for getting things done. At the same time, I've been dealing with the tedious process of designing and configuring a new system with all of my favorite applications, just the way I want it. It's a process I know well; I do this for my eProductivity consulting clients. This time, I'm both my own client and consultant.

It's been a good exercise for me to experience both sides of the equation in a fresh new way. As the end-user, I've been searching for the ideal system and I have plenty of questions, like "I want to do this ..." or "why can't I do have that feature?"  As a consultant, it's my job to make technology easy for my clients, by selecting the right technology and helping them to implement it. In that role, I ask a different set of questions, such as "what's best for my client's needs?" and "Will this technology really help my client to be more productive?" At times, it's been a trying experience, as I've shared here.  I've encountered a few speed bumps on the road to YABHTU; I'm sure that I'll experience some more. I do look forward to smoother roads ahead..

I've often joked with David Allen that I'm going to give up on technology and open a bait shop; one with no phone, and no electricity.

The prospect is tempting. I think I could do it ... for a day.

It is with excitement that I announce that at 10:20 AM today, I switched from the ThinkPad T42p to the Tecra M4 as my primary computing device. I'm going to take it to a client's office to do some work. We'll see how it goes.

I'm sure I'll have more to share, soon.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Image:Tablet PC Roller Coaster of Emotions

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Tablet PC Roller Coaster of Emotions

When you open up that bait shop without electricity, make sure you have some very good noseplugs. :)

Posted at 05/26/2005 11:58:52 by James Kendrick

Tablet PC Roller Coaster of Emotions

I was in your situation, almost a year ago today. I'm blogging about my year long experience with a Toshiba M205 right now. To be succinct, the M205 is still my primary machine, although the joy of tablet has diminished some. For details follow my blog!

Posted at 05/26/2005 13:48:34 by Nitin Badjatia

Good Luck

Well Eric, I wish you good luck with your tablet. Make sure to continue blogging and podcasting about it. I just decided to wait for some more years until ordering my own machine (check my blog for details), but it's a great compensation to read about and listen to your experiences instead.

Thanks so far!

Posted at 05/26/2005 14:47:39 by Joshua Jung

Tablet PC Roller Coaster of Emotions


How long can you power your Tecra for under the low power settings before it dies? What about high power?

Posted at 05/26/2005 15:16:59 by Nimrod Grinvald

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