Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

Thursday, January 26th, 2006
Listen in as I discuss my 8-week paperless challenge with my guest, Tablet PC MVP, Tracy Hooten, of The Student Tablet PC blog. This podcast covers the various aspects of the paperless challenge, its inspiration, how we prepared for it, the tools and methodologies used and the lessons we learned. Most important, we answer the many paperless challenge questions posted to our blogs or sent to us by email over the last several months.

Paperless Challenge Discussion topics:

Inspiration and objectives for the paperless challenge
Preparation: hardware & software
Tools and methodologies
Surprising discoveries
Tips, tricks, and best practices
Lessons learned
And most important, answers to your questions

Our podcast ran longer than anticipated so I've split the podcast up into segments for your convenience. Here's the first segment. Other segments to follow.

Special thanks for
Bruce Elgort and his clown friend, Brian Reed for contributing their time and talent to create the new intro and exit themes. Thanks guys!

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Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One: Pointing to a Page in a PDF File

Where the heck is the comment on The Student Tablet PC site that tells how to point to a specific page of a PDF file from outside the PDF file (for example, from a mind map)? I have looked all over The Student Tablet PC site but I have not been able to find the comment Tracy mentinoed. Pointer, please?

Posted at 01/25/2006 13:11:06 by Marc

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

It was all a ploy to get you to look around the site ;-).

Just kidding. It was under the MindManager category, kinda hidden. I'll post the comment here so you don't have to go looking again:

Jim Schilling of has been working on how to link to various types of documents from MindManager. Specifically, he has figured out how to link to a specific page in a PDF.

He posted this on the Yahoo MindManager group - you may want to check this out, as there are a lot of good ideas and Q&A posted there - you do have to submit a request to join the group, however.({ Link })

Jim has compiled a map describing linking from MindManager (you have to have the MindJet viewer installed and run IE, though):

{ Link }

Posted at 01/25/2006 14:12:00 by Tracy Hooten

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

I found it:

{ Link }

Posted at 01/25/2006 15:17:19 by Marc

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

Links show up strange in this commenting system here. Thanks for finding it, Marc. It's also at the very bottom of my comment above, but I don't think it was very eye-catching ^_^.

Posted at 01/25/2006 23:45:39 by Tracy Hooten

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

Do you know if you can link to specific slides in Powerpoint?

I've tried the arguments slide=4, chart=4, page=4 but none seem to work. Any help gratefully received.



Posted at 01/26/2006 5:09:41 by NickR

Paperless Challenge Podcast Part 2 is available

Eric Mack has released the second podcast in a series covering his paperless challenge on his Tecra M4 Tablet PC. Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC blog joins Eric again to discuss the best practices and challenges they faced trying to go completely paperless. I am really enjoying these podcasts having been paperless for some months now with my Tablet PC and it is fun hearing Eric and Tracy discussing the same issues I faced when I made the conversion.

Posted at 01/31/2006 7:40:15 by OnTheRun: Using Mobile Devices Since They Weighed 30 lbs

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

cool. can i have some little more detail on that. Links are not working well. You might have pasted incomplete url.

<A HREF="{ Link } efact paperless office </a>

Posted at 07/07/2007 11:31:10 by Mr. Paperless

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

There is much useful information on paperless work practices with tablets in a new book "Paperless Joy" by George Dimopoulos, available from amazon. See also:

Posted at 08/20/2008 7:29:59 by Digital Life Artist

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