Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
This week, we conclude the paperless challenge discussion by answering your questions. In case you missed the previous segments, here are links to part one, two, and three.  [Update: 2/15/2006 9:30 AM:  I've fixed the link to point to part four.]

Listen in as I discuss my 8-week paperless challenge with my guest, Tablet PC MVP, Tracy Hooten, of The Student Tablet PC blog. This podcast covers the various aspects of the paperless challenge, its inspiration, how we prepared for it, the tools and methodologies used and the lessons we learned. Most important, we answer the many paperless challenge questions posted to our blogs or sent to us by email over the last several months.

Paperless Challenge Discussion topics:

Inspiration and objectives for the paperless challenge
Preparation: hardware & software
Tools and methodologies
Surprising discoveries
Tips, tricks, and best practices
Lessons learned
And most important, answers to your questions

Our podcast ran longer than anticipated so I've split the podcast up into segments for your convenience. Here's the third segment. I'll post the final segment next week. You can subscribe to my RSS feed to receive this automatically.

Special thanks for
Bruce Elgort and his clown friend, Brian Reed for contributing their time and talent to create the new intro and exit themes. Thanks guys!

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Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

FYI, the podcast link is pointing to part three at the moment.

Posted at 02/14/2006 23:07:34 by Richard Kuo

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

Probably not uploaded yet. Hehe :)

Posted at 02/15/2006 5:42:40 by Trkstr

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

nope here it is:

{ Link }

Posted at 02/15/2006 5:45:11 by Trkstr

Part 4 of podcast, now working

Operator Error.



Posted at 02/15/2006 9:34:02 by Eric Mack

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

Easter Egg... found! :)

Posted at 02/15/2006 11:51:49 by Walter

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

Oh, and I have my own blog :) Check out the comment I left over at Tracy's site. :)

Posted at 02/15/2006 12:42:27 by Walter

USA Today says demand for digital textbooks surprisingly low

An article that appeared in USA Today this week about the disappointing sales of university textbooks in digital form shows how uphill the battle can be for supporters of e-textbooks like Tracy Hooten and Eric Mack (among others). The article recounts how a Brown University student bought a textbook in digital format so he could save $30. How did he like the ebook format?

Posted at 02/17/2006 8:27:23 by OnTheRun: Using Mobile Devices Since They Weighed 30 lbs

Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part Four

I've listened to all of the Paperless Challenge podcasts. Very interesting insights. Thanks for the great job. I'm looking forward to your next challenge.

Posted at 02/21/2006 19:48:35 by Don Pels

Paperless Challenge Podcast

Thank you for doing the podcast about the 8 week challenge. I am considering going toward a paperless study practice upon entering medical school in the fall. I have one more quarter of coursework at UCSC and I am thinking of using that as a practice ground. A few questions have come up for me in listening to your podcast:

1) How do you and Tracy deal with textbooks that are in color with regards to scanning and creating a pdf version? Many biology texts have very helpful graphics that loose their usefulness in gray-scale.

2) Today, I used Adobe pro to OCR a reading that a professor had given me. This allowed me to highlight and to select text. As I could not get adobe to create a summary of the highlighted text as I thought I heard the guest speaker say was possible, I used the add a comment note feature to be able to add a comment - a cut and past of the text - so that I could create a summary at the end of the reading. Is there a better way?

3) Also on this same 20 PDF, in a few sections when I tried to select or highlight text, some of the text at the same level in the column on the right got selected as well (I was working with text in the left column of a 2 column document). Is there a setting to let Adobe know that it is a 2 column document?

4) Are there trail versions of one-note, go-binder, and mind-map available?



Posted at 02/23/2006 15:06:41 by Eric Meyer-Reed

Highlighting summary in Adobe

Hi Eric,

I figured out the highlighting summary feature of adobe pro by reading the following post on Tray's site at: { Link }


Eric R.

Posted at 02/23/2006 18:44:01 by Eric Meyer-Reed

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