Outstanding M4 Tablet PC Review

Monday, July 25th, 2005
Shawn Erdenberg recently posted a 10-part review of his Tecra M4 Tablet PC. It looks like our experiences and opinions are quite similar (except that Shawn's obviously got way too much free time between classes). If you are looking for a detailed geek-review of the M4, this is a must read. Be sure to check out the comment threads, too.

Nice work, Shawn. Are you YABHTU yet? Skype me at eProductivityGuy and we'll talk.

Perhaps we can reach consensus on what it will take for us to get there.

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Bluetooth on Tecra M4

I bought the M4 in June and while I am quite happy with it, I must say that I am VERY dissapointed with one aspect of their product. The optional bluetooth module that I ordered with the M4 came in a seperate box, without installation instructions. When I called support I got the answer I was expecting, to avoid voiding the warranty I would have to take it to an authorized service dealer for installation. Cost of the module: $109 CAD. Cost of installation: $80 CAD. It just burns me to have ordered the M4 with this feature only to have to pay to have it installed!

Posted at 07/28/2005 10:53:01 by anon

Bluetooth on Tecra M4

You should be so lucky! In Australia (and I imagine New Zealand -- I'd be interested in Michael Sampson's take on this), Toshiba has apparently decided that we don't need Bluetooth.

The Australian version of the M4 has no built-in Bluetooth adapter option; there's an SD card add-on (complete with bits that stick out) or a USB Key but no built-in module option.

For my M4, I've decided to go for the Socket CF Card Bluetooth Adapter, which includes a CF-to-PCMCIA adapter and does not exceed the standard CF Card form-factor!

Posted at 08/09/2005 18:26:02 by Calrion

Outstanding M4 Tablet PC Review

In australia we have one model and one model only. that costs AUD$5k (USD $3.5k)

Anyone have any advice on how to import one?

Ideally from toshibadirect.com

Posted at 08/11/2005 1:24:46 by Maverick

Outstanding M4 Tablet PC Review

what was the model number of the bluetooth card you received? I would like to get one for my M4

Posted at 10/02/2005 15:18:36 by rob

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