One step closer. Digital torture

Thursday, May 12th, 2005
I'm about to find out for real just how disruptive owning a Tablet PC can be.

FedEx just delivered a box from Toshiba. My new Tecra M4 Tablet PC waits patiently inside. After 6 months of research + two months from the time I decided to make my purchase, I'm ready to take the next step.  


I can't believe it's finally here!

Unfortunately, I've got a very full plate, with several eProductivity projects due for clients over the next few months.

I'm presently negotiating with myself just how much I will commit to get done before I break the first seal on the box.

Will I force myself to have a completely empty in-box (paper & digital) before I peek inside?

Or, will I give in to temptation, rip open the box, boot up Windows XP, Tablet edition and start blogging in ink?

Accountability and integrity. A real test.

What would you do?

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Tear the box open - live for the moment!!

Do what I did Eric, tear the box open - live for the moment!!

Mine was imported from the US thoughtand arrived without a local power cord. Now that's REAL torture. Having to drive down to the local hardware store without getting a speeding ticket in order to fire it up.

Congratulations. The tablet is great fun (and a fabulous productivity tool as well)

Posted at 05/12/2005 17:52:54 by Helen Crozier

One step closer. Digital torture

I would have made that post via your new Tablet PC.

Posted at 05/12/2005 18:05:14 by Rob Bushway

Go for it!

Go for it! You can work on AC power while you charge the Tablet!

Posted at 05/12/2005 18:28:20 by Warner Crocker

Send it to me Eric ...

Send it to me Eric ;-). I'll look after it for you until you're ready.

Posted at 05/12/2005 19:09:29 by Michael Sampson

Closer to black belt...

Eric, you did the right thing. Just blog about it all. There's real progress, grasshopper...


Posted at 05/12/2005 21:02:47 by David Allen

Open it up and start using it ...

Eric, I'm depending on you to let me know if I need to get one. So, open it up and start using it.


Posted at 05/12/2005 23:17:21 by Jon Dale

Sleep well ...

I once heard of a computer hardware company that shipped house bricks in their boxes, to make the month end figures. Sleep well, Eric ;-)

Posted at 05/13/2005 0:45:08 by Nick Duffill

Play with it, Eric ...


Here is one thing I must disagree with Mr. Allen over. While there are without question thousands of things you can get off your mind by scheduling them for future attention, a new computer in the box is not one of them.

To be an adult you need to be honest with yourself. You know you won't be giving your full attention to your client's projects while the untouched Tecra remains in the back of your mind calling to you.

I see your blog as a call for help. In your heart you know what to do. Play with it Eric. It's best for you and for your clients that you do.

Posted at 05/13/2005 4:54:18 by Steve New

Do the math ...

Let's see: 30 minutes additional productivity per day = 15 extra hours per month. You just have to do the math.

Posted at 05/13/2005 5:32:46 by James Kendrick

Don´t do it!

It's a trick!

Posted at 05/13/2005 5:58:24 by Robin Mayfield

I´m Curious

I'm really curious to see how loud the fan is and if the speakers work in tablet mode (since i believe they are covered). I've ordered mine, but it still says that its in the packing stage. Any chance for a quick (10 minute) review with pictures :)

Posted at 05/13/2005 6:51:04 by MT

Go for it

A boy needs a new toy every now and again (and a girl needs fresh flowers -- ideally roses, don't ask me why they are hard-wired that way, they just are). So get on with turning on the new Tablet PC already!!! :-)

Posted at 05/13/2005 6:52:54 by Marc Illsley Clarke

Rip it open ...

Rip it open then realise how much more work you can achieve using it. No dilemma as you'll quickly save the time it took to set it up :)

Posted at 05/13/2005 7:04:22 by Colin Walker

Go on ...

Go on - you know you want to!

Posted at 05/13/2005 7:05:29 by Colin Walker

Girls want flowers?

I guess I'm hard-wired funny. And my girlfriends too. We don't want flowers (roses or not) because they die and have to be disposed of... whereas technology is forever. Yes, we want technology! Give MEEEEE the Tecra. I've been eyeing one for some time now.


Posted at 05/13/2005 7:16:29 by Shellifino

What if a bit is missing?

How many days before you cannot return? ;)

Posted at 05/13/2005 7:44:59 by Steve Castledine

It is Friday 13th

Stay away from anything new dude

Posted at 05/13/2005 7:57:40 by Fine James

Delayed gratification ...

Delaying the gratification will help you get the work done and give you the time later to really enjoy it. Or, you could just rip it open and blow off your work!!!

Glad you got it - I've been following with interest.

Posted at 05/13/2005 8:49:47 by Dean

The pleasure of being a nerd, enjoy it.

With the time you have now spent reading all these comments to get to mine, you could have had it opened, plugged in and booting. Everyone needs to take sometime off and enjoy the pleasure of pent up excitement. Its the pleasure of being a nerd, enjoy it.

Posted at 05/13/2005 9:41:24 by dale johnson


OPEN IT - theres always time to catch up on your other work. I wasted two days playing with the latest longhorn build.

Posted at 05/13/2005 9:53:54 by Gregg

Open It!!!!!

I've been checking this page every five minutes to see if the ten minute review is up :P. I can't get any work done. For the sake of productivity every where, please open it :)

Posted at 05/13/2005 10:46:17 by MT

Step away from the computer!

I know you want to, but I took a look at the picture and saw papers, folders, post-it notes and general clutter underneath the package.

Once you've thought and prayed about it and have an okay, go ahead, take the package to your lab. Open the package, you can do it and unless you have homework for school tonight, you won't regret it.

Posted at 05/13/2005 10:53:02 by Tanny O'Haley

Long process...

I received my M200 in February... At the beginning, I worked with it like a laptop and smoothly I have learned different ways to work with it as a Tablet giving me 6 months to use all the features.

But, you have to be reasonable to do it!!!

Good luck!!!

Posted at 05/13/2005 15:14:21 by Yvan

One step closer. Digital torture

I can't believe after all the complaining about how long it would take to get one configured to your specs, you would let it sit on your desk unopened once it arrived. Maybe that's too harsh but I feel you owe it to your readers to open it up, get it going, and keep us posted on how you incorporate it into your work.

Posted at 05/14/2005 5:02:08 by Mike Cox

One step closer. Digital torture

I find it sad to see so many people advising you to go against your muse. Being one of the guys in David Allen's 'A' team, I am sure you wouldn't yield to temptation. David, had a line which went something like "always follow your intuition"... that goes for more than all the other knowledge in GTD. Folks, it is not about logic, it is about intuition/Self/Inner calling which often works in mysterious ways...I am a green belt understudy of GTD who lives with a black belt (my wife)

Posted at 05/14/2005 7:47:59 by Vijay Raman

One step closer. Digital torture

The space that the box is on sure doesn't look very stable. Maybe put the box on a surface that doesn't look about to take a fall ...

And hey is that a "... for dummies" book next to the monitor?

Posted at 05/14/2005 9:15:37 by TDavid

Get that box open!

C'mon, it's the new M4! Just how heavy and big is it? Would you want to use it on an airplane?

Posted at 05/16/2005 10:46:33 by Jordan

One step closer. Digital torture

I wish someone else had a Tecra M4 so we could actually get information instead of this thinly disguised gloating. Frankly, it reflects poorly on to not have anyone with more information than a picture of a box. As to you, me thinks you could be more gracious.

And no, I won't be visiting your page again soon to see if there's more breathless news on your precious box. Here's idle thought #1 for the productive is it to write about this box, and then read all these posts (as it seems you have)? You're a productivity consultant? I would say you've offered zero real information, yet wasted your time and everyone elses time. So yes, that makes you a consultant...but not productive.

Posted at 05/16/2005 11:48:49 by DEM

One step closer. Digital torture

What would I do? I've currently waited for my Tecra for 2 weeks and counting. When I have the box in my hands, I vow to drop everything and fire it up at once!

Posted at 08/28/2005 13:44:56 by Sam

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