Not YABHTU Update #1

Thursday, March 17th, 2005
An interesting day on the blog. Last night's late-night cranky blog-rant about my inability to satisfy my need/desire for a TabletPC generated considerable feedback, both public and private. (Thank you!) Most encouraging was an email from Lora Heiny, of Microsoft's Mobile Platforms Division. Lora offered some assistance. She also provided me with some valuable insight on the differences and similarities between the Toshiba and Fujitsu TabletPcs.

While I would still like to buy a Toshiba TabletPC - if I could only get the one I want - I'm now considering the Fujitsu as an alternative.

I'll keep you posted.

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Tell us the differences!

Can you tell us the differences that she highlighted between the Toshiba and Fujitsu?

Posted at 03/18/2005 20:21:26 by Philip L. Copeland

Pens & Screens

For the most part, Lora's comments were that the two machines were very similar in capabilities. She did remark that she liked the wider viewing angle on the Fujitsu display (XGA Resolution). The other comment of note was that with either Tablet, the writing experience is greatly improved with a Cross Executive pen.

I'll share more in a future post.


Posted at 03/19/2005 20:29:56 by Eric Mack


Eric and I emailed back and forth a couple times. I've used both the Fujitsu T4010 and Toshiba M200, so went over performance, weight, display, described the multidock for the M200, and just like Eric mentions above suggested that he check out the Cross pen.

I'd find it difficult to choose between the two systems. If time were limited, as Eric's is, I would probably have to make my decision based on availability.

Philip, if you have a specific question about the model differences, I'd be glad to do my best to answer it for you.

Posted at 03/21/2005 0:01:11 by Lora Heiny

Thanks, Laura, almost ready to order

I'm just trying to sort out the screen options. I know I want the higher resolution and you recommended the indoor option. I'll try to map these into a semblance of a part # to inqure about.


Posted at 03/21/2005 11:03:31 by Eric Mack

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