New mNotes version 4.x looks good

Saturday, October 15th, 2005
I decided to re-evaluate the latest release of mNotes; I wanted to compare it to Pylon iAnywhere. I'm not ready to post a review, but I can say that the folks at Commontime have been busy. One thing I like about the mNotes product is that a license is per-user, regardless of the type of PDA, how many simultaneous PDAs are synched and regardless of whether you sync by USB, Bluetooth, or wireless. In fact, the server's the same for all three. The program is tightly integrated with Notes, too. The e-mail support Notes rich, including full bidirectional support for folders, which means that you can process your mail on your PDA. Handle it once; sweet. If you're looking for a sync solution between Notes and your PDA, mNotes is certainly an option to consider. Link: Commontime.

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New mNotes version 4.x looks good


I have not used Pylon, but mNotes does indeed rock. Their staff are extremely responsive too. I started looking at this application when they were developing for Newton and have been with it ever since. I would look forward to your review of the two.



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