Lower your standards; lower your stress.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
My friend, David Allen, says that you can lower your stress by lowering your standards. I may give this a try.

Last month, I was at a client's office (no, it was not David's office) and I happened to observe that there were post-it notes with passwords on the monitors. Some even had backup post-its with passwords in their desktop drawers. I suppose that these were in case the wind blew away the passwords on the monitor. It stressed me out.

I left the office quite stressed, even though everyone in the office was quite content with what was going on.

If I were to lower my standards by simply posting all of my passwords, here, on my blog, for the world to see, perhaps then I would not have any anxiety about what people do with their own passwords in their office.

Something to think about.

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Lower your standards; lower your stress.

I'm guessing that's not quite what DA had in mind.

Posted at 04/26/2006 4:02:59 by Scott

Lower your standards; lower your stress.

No need to post them, we all know the ones you use, Eric - user, asdf, guest, ... :-)

Posted at 04/27/2006 7:05:58 by Matthew Cornell

re: Lower your standards; lower your stress.

Ha Ha Ha. I havn't used "asdf" as a password since my IBM time sharing days.

Posted at 04/27/2006 9:32:32 by Eric Mack

Lower your standards; lower your stress.

Yes, those post-it passwords are really scary. I've even seen it in companies and organizations with confidential or proprietary information. Of course, the people who don't use the password feature for their mobile phone voice mail and those who leave important stuff on their laptops, unencrypted, scare me, too.

I've learned that if you don't expect much from people, you're less likely to be disappointed about their performance and more likely to be pleasantly surprised. :)

Posted at 04/28/2006 10:18:40 by Evans Thompson

Lower your standards; lower your stress.

I use Writeboard to store all my passwords...then I just need to remember the password to the free writeboard site. Easy.


Posted at 05/20/2006 13:44:59 by Todd Finley

Lower your standards; lower your stress.

I find it easier to just use asterisks for my password...that way I can always remember it!

Posted at 05/31/2006 21:55:48 by Dave

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