Just how loud is the Tecra M4 Tablet PC fan?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
I get asked this question often, both in email and in the comments on this blog.

I've noticed that my fan noise levels have been increasing lately, probably due to a bad fan. I thought I would document the noise levels and answer the questions of many who have asked at the same time.

Listen to this 2.5 minute podcast and hear for yourself.

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Tecra M4 named CES Innovations Award Honoree

According to this { Link } the Toshiba Tecra M4 has been named a CES Innovations Award Honoree. I am actually pleased to see this. All in all, and despite my rants, I think the M4 is an amazingly powerful unit in a [relatively] small package.

I doubt they will win any awards for fan noise reduction.

Posted at 12/28/2005 19:31:27 by Eric Mack

Just how loud is the Tecra M4 Tablet PC fan?

I have a simliar problem with my tecra lately. My hard drive temps have been high. I dont remeber exactly what they used to be but my hard drive went to 56C yesterday when doing a virus scan and it idles at 48C, two degress higher thatn my cpu. It never used to be higher. I'm not blocking the vents and my house isnt exacltly warm so i may also have a fan/ventilatin problem.

Posted at 12/30/2005 13:13:34 by mike

Pending Tecra M4 Fan Failure?

When I heard that noise from your podcast, it reminded me of a fan on my Graphics processing unit that I had in one of my desktops. It would vibrate and turn very slowly. it was useless at cooling anything.

I would take the M4 to get the fan checked and/or replaced. The sound could possibly mean a failure of the fan in the future.

I think something like this would be covered in the basic warranty but I would check with Toshiba.

If you plan on not replaceing the system fan ,I would recomend programs like speedfan"www.almico.com/speedfan.php" or Notebook hardware control "www.pbus-167.com/chc.htm" to keep an eye on the system temperature (if you're not already).

Posted at 01/06/2006 16:15:29 by Michael

Just how loud is the Tecra M4 Tablet PC fan?

i bought a brandnew toshiba tecra m4 table laptop and when i turned that on it came up with a very thin noise that i suspected coming from the compartment where the hdd and the fan is embedded. first i tipped the laptop when working and i pressed my ear to the back and heard that metallic thin noise exactly inside .. it is the noise like there is a little needle inside and it is unattached ..it is not the loud and noisy fan sound it is exactly on and off coming needle noise so i took the laptop to the repair center and they changed the fan-hdd-cpu and the motherboard and when they have decided to change the motherboard at last i thought it will fix the problem all the way but it did not fix the problem and there is still that nerve wrecking noise which i describe it as ''needle like'' the noise is not related with the heat cause i even turned the computer on under a nonstop working ac system and it still makes that thin noise .. guys who have the slightest idea of what goes around on this computer please e mail me ... i look forward to hearing from you


Posted at 11/14/2006 7:52:21 by Travis M.

I can’t see anything on my TecraM4 S115TD

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Posted at 12/01/2007 10:21:21 by Dr Ravindra Mistry

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