Getting closer to YABHTU

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
Toshiba has processed my credit card, the web site shows the Tablet is being assembled. I am hopeful that my M4 will ship this week.

Meanwhile, I've been researching productivity software for the Tablet PC.  Do you have a favorite app you'd like to recommend?

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Orange Guava, ActiveWords & GoBinder

You're already sold on MindManager so that's a given and you don't use Outlook so Tablet Enhancements for Outlook is also out. I think my top two recommendations would be Orange Guava Desktop with ActiveWords and Agilix GoBinder for your school work.

Posted at 04/27/2005 4:51:31 by Marc Orchant

You should also grab the Experience Pack ...

I'd second Marc's recommendations for both Orange Guava Desktop with Active Words and Gobinder. You should also grab the Experience Pack for the Snipping Tool if for no other reason. A few other utilities that help my productiviyt are the PrinttoOneNote powertoy and PP2One which enables you to pull Powerpoint Presentations or slides into OneNote for easy annotating. OneNote will mostl likely come with your new Tablet PC.

Posted at 04/27/2005 5:21:50 by Warner Crocker

Entbloess or TopDesk for switching

For ease of use with the pen- Entbloess or TopDesk for switching windows easily. Tablet PC Launcher for pen access to all your programs and docs. Media Transfer from the aforementioned Experience Pack to easily get media files (including podcasts) onto the Tablet.

Posted at 04/27/2005 7:06:51 by James Kendrick

I also use ritePen

Oh, I also use ritePen which offers write anywhere capability for ink text entry and fuses their advanced recognition engine with the TIP. I get better accuracy using ritePen than the TIP alone. YMMV.

Posted at 04/27/2005 7:08:06 by James Kendrick

ResultsManager is now Ink Enabled

Excuse the self promotion but ResultsManager is now "Ink Enabled" which has helped me a whole bunch ;-)

I'm playing with Orange Guava Desktop with Active Words at the moment and setting up some MindManager/ResultsManager Active Words commands which is looking interesting.

Posted at 04/27/2005 8:53:26 by Nik Tipler

RoboForm for forms and log-ins

One small program I'm lost without is RoboForm, and while it may not seem like a "tablet program," it's a life saver for the two things which are a pain with a pen in hand: Forms and Log-ins.

Posted at 04/28/2005 13:16:59 by Tracy Hooten

RoboForm for forms and log-ins


Me too, Roboform is a big time saver & frustration buster.

Posted at 04/29/2005 3:36:34 by Nik Tipler

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