First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

Saturday, April 1st, 2006
Here's a first look of the new ultra wide-screen Tablet PC format. Watch the video and you'll see why I think this is the dream Tablet PC for people who need a larger screen for their work.

Click on the podcast link below to watch the streaming video. (1 min 20 seconds)

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First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

Love the screen! It's really responsive for such a large display area.

Can't wait to hear more about it. ;)

Posted at 04/01/2006 13:35:48 by Vince Anido

First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

It was beautiful. I totally fell for it...

Posted at 04/01/2006 21:09:34 by Raymond

First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

Hey Eric,

Great April Fools joke! You did a great job with the setup the day before and everything. I’ll admit that when I first saw your picture of it, bought it and couldn’t wait for the video to see if it was for real.

Thanks for the fun,

Vince Anido

Posted at 04/01/2006 21:48:57 by Vince Anido

First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

Yup - totally fell for that one, hook line and sinker! Do i feel silly? Not really - believe it or not, i think it's actually a great concept!

Great video - good laugh! Still - i stand by the notion that this type of tablet pc would serve a real purpose if it ever got developed for real.

Thanks for the chuckle, Eric!

Posted at 04/01/2006 22:17:01 by Hugh Sung

First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

1 April...the one day of every year that I hate the internet.

I'm more interested in something the size of the Motion LS800 (or the UMPC's if they made them more useful) as far as tablets go. Something with OneNote that I can write on and carry around with me *everywhere* I go.

My problem with most tablets is that they're supposed to be mobile but they're all roughly the same size as a laptop, and I really don't want to carry a laptop wherever I go. Something that has most of the capabilities of a tablet that's about the size of a paper notebook is my sweet spot.

But, I could see using something this big for certain applications. Not so much so at work, but I could imagine using it as a musician like one of the other posts. Imagine loading up Ableton Live or Reason, Reaktor or any of several software music apps, having that much screen real estate and being able to reach out and touch the virtual knobs to change your sound. Yummy.

Still waiting on Apple's tablet though. sigh.

Posted at 04/02/2006 10:36:54 by Scott Gentzen

First Look: Ultra Wide-screen Tablet PC

Eric - got me hook, line and sinker! What a great concept though...



Posted at 04/04/2006 13:31:31 by Peter Gallant

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