Consensus: bigger display, get more done

Thursday, February 16th, 2006
Well, my posts on the merits of high resolution desktop displays as a productivity tool (See here and here.) have generated quite a bit of discussion. The bottom line, if you work on a computer at a desk, get the largest high resolution display that a) your video card will support, b) your desk will hold, and c) your wallet can withstand.

For years, I kept 4 monitors on my desk, connected to my PC. It was a big productivity boost. In fact, it was a big step down when I switched to using only my Tablet PC. Now, I'm ready to step up to a WUXGA display for my desk work. Presently, I'm sold on the 24" Dell that I blogged about earlier, though I'm seriously considering the 30" model to get the additional screen space for use with MindManager and other productivity tools I like to use. Many thanks to all of you, who wrote or blogged to provide details. There's much I could write, but one reader, Oyvind Solstad, took the time to write up a serious post in response. Rather than repeat what he had to say, I recommend that you head over to his blog and read it for yourself. Pay careful attention to the various links, too. Good stuff.

Another good resource I found was on the Apple web site. This report, from Pfeiffer Consulting, which demonstrates how screen size can boost your productivity, even in very common tasks. Worth a read.

Many of you took the time to post comments, send emails, or even call me to share your experiences. Thank you!

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Consensus: bigger display, get more done

A very timely post, Eric. I had just recommended to a client (the executive director at a local non-profit) that she investigate larger monitors for her staff - and the Apple report will come in handy in helping her justify the expenditure.

Posted at 02/20/2006 10:09:56 by Matthew Cornell

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