Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
This memorial day, rather than travelling to an event off the hill, I decided to visit the local Veterans Memorial in Frazier Park. For a brief moment in December, 2001, this mountain community became a media center of attention as news spread that Staff Sergeant Brian C. Prosser was the first US soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. Since then, things have been quiet. No media. No news. The media and the world may have forgotten, but the mountain communities haven't.


In honor of Brian Cody Prosser and the men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present, who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and for their country.

Thank you.

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial
Staff Sergeant Brian C. Prosser
5th Group Special Forces (Airborne) 3rd Battalion

17 July 1973 - 5 December 2001
"De Oppresso Liber"

In Honor of Brian Cody Prosser...American Patriot

Cody Prosser began life in Frazier Park, riding on these roads and trails in a baby carriage, pushed mostly by his mother.  He walked, played and worked on the same turf, living life as people do in this and other small towns throughout America.

After graduating from Maricopa High School in 1991, Cody joined the United States Army which took him to Fort McClellan, Alabama for basic training and military police school.  His first assignment was Fort Bragg, North Carolina as a member of the 21st Military Police Co. (Airborne).  Proud to be a soldier, he decided the military would be his career.

In 1998, Cody became a Special Forces Soldier.  He was re-assigned to 3rd Battalion 5th Group Special Forces (Airborne), stationed in Ft. Cambell, Kentucky.

Cody was called to serve his country in Afghanistan, fighting to defend America and the world against the threat of terrorism, following September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  On a hill just north of Kandahar, Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Brian Cody Prosser lost his life, as did two other 5th Group soldiers.  The morning of the fifth day, December 2001.  These brave men successfully saved a village of mostly women and children from certain death by the hands of the enemy.  For his actions that day, he was awarded, posthumously, the Bronze Star with V for Valor.

Let this monument stand as our town's testimony of our undying support and gratitude for all men and women serving, or who have given their lives for the preservation of the freedoms we enjoy - with special pride for our own fallen hero, Cody Prosser.

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Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

I am Cody's sister-in-law, and wish I would have known of the memorial as I would have liked to have attended. Cody was a hero to our country, but he was also a good man who was loved greatly by his community, his family, and by his wife/my sister and our family as well. Happy Birthday, Cody! We miss you.


Posted at 07/14/2005 23:42:58 by Shelly

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

I am Cody's step-father, and I want to thank you for keeping the memory of Cody alive. Cody's Mother Ingrid lives with her loss every day and the pain of her loss becomes even more difficult during the holidays.

Cody was the man every father would like to have for a son, his gift of sacrifice needs to be remembered. Thank you for keeping his memory alive.

Please keep us informed

Warm Regard,

Al Solhaug

Posted at 11/24/2005 11:04:34 by Al Solhaug

re: Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

Al, I hope that in some very small way, I've honored the sacrifice that young men and women like Brian have made for our great nation. It's easy to forget, perhaps unintentionally, the price paid, not only by the fallen heroes, but their families as well. It's not about politics; it's about people.

Thank you for sharing.

Grace to you,

Eric Mack

Posted at 11/24/2005 12:15:36 by Eric Mack

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

Cody (SSgt Prosser) was a great American and friend who I feel fortunate to have known and make friends with at Maricopa H.S. and on our bus rides back to the Hill.

I often refelct on those good times shared now 18 years ago and the sacrifice Cody made in 2001, but he is one of my greatest inspirations for joining the armed forces six years ago.

Through obstacles and hard times when I am tempted to quit I think of him and push on with the mission because he did his part and now it's my turn to move things along toward peace for our country the best way I can.

By Cody's example I get extra strength to do my duty and give it that extra effort; so for me he lives on as an example and NCO for me to follow.

Al, Ingrid, Jarudd, Shawna & Shelly: I think of you folks every 12/5 along with Cody and send you my prayers. Be well.

I hope to get up to Frazier Park and see the memorial, it is right that they should build one for Cody and all the guys lost.

SrA Horton


Posted at 03/14/2009 10:09:56 by SrA Patrick James Horton

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

I was stationed at Ft.Bragg N.C (21st MP Co) with Cody. I'm a cop now and he just came to mind as he does every now and again as I'm riding my midnight tour. He was that All American kid that could win anyone over with his smile. He could find trouble too, I remember him getting his jaw broke in a fight not long after he first got to Bragg. How glad our company football team was that he came to our unit and not the "leg" MP Co next door(He could play some ball). His pictures of his dad's "Little Red" truck. His purple Thunderbird with the grape scented air-freshner that we cruised in and our trips to Myrtle Beach. We weren't best friends but he called me when he got "selected". I couldn't believe it when I saw his death on the news all those years ago. I'm sorry for your loss and wanted you to know that there are a lot of us out there that still miss him. - JimBob

Posted at 04/04/2009 3:19:57 by James "JimBob" McCaughan

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

I knew his dad, he drove truck for my dad for several years in the 60's. One of his best drivers, and then he went on to start his own company. I never met his son, maybe I saw him as a baby. I am very proud of him for serving our country. I remember his dad, he was a very cool person, built his own choppers and custom painted them. Old school. Custom painted (Pinstripe) our trucks too.

Posted at 07/13/2009 21:19:52 by John in FrazierParkCalif

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

My stepmom was his wife. I remember her telling me stories of him. I went to his grave and it was really sad.

Posted at 10/26/2009 15:40:58 by Claire

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

Miss you CP, you are always on my mind, you helped me stay brave that day--you continue to be inspiration.

Posted at 11/08/2009 19:36:30 by MH

Brian Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial

Cody is my uncle and I am proudly following in his footsteps. I joined the arny and just graduated airborne school. Cody is my inspiration to push myself everyday, and is always on my mind. I miss him so much, but him giving the ultimate sacrifice motivates me and should motivate other people to stand up and defend this country as well.

Good luck to everyone, and God bless

Pvt. Shane Luttrelll

Posted at 06/11/2010 10:19:03 by Shane Luttrelll

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