Blissful OS configuration

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
I can't believe that Marc scooped me on my own Skype chat with him!  After our chat today, I pasted the notes to save for a blog entry this evening. 15 minutes later, I read my RSS reader and Marc's already blogged about it.

Here's what I wrote at 2:49 PM PST:

Inspiration from my Skype chat with Marc Orchant today:
Marc, this may be strange, but I miss Windows 3.1. Only two ini files; system.ini and win.ini. I knew what almost everything was for and what every file did, and I could tailor the system to meet my needs. Complete control. That was productive. Sigh.
After words of encouragement from Marc and Lora, I've decided to move beyond Windows 3.1. The Tablet OS  is stable, so I cannot justify taking the time to reload it right now.

Update: 7:21 PM. Tablet PC loading progressing well. I may cut-over this evening.

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