I have a favor to ask of all readers of my blog: Please take two minutes to help Maggie reach her goal of wallpapering her hospital room with e-cards before her next scheduled brain surgery, this Wednesday.

Fellow technologist, homeschool father, and Tablet MVP, Rob Bushway, has been sharing his family's ongoing experiences as they care for 9-year old Maggie, who's suffering from brain cancer. Maggie's presently in Children's hospital in St. Louis undergoing additional treatment. Rob's blogging the experience from the hospital.

While she awaits another brain surgery, Maggie's decorating her hospital room and she would like your help. Please take a moment to learn about Maggie, then take two minutes to send her (and her family) an e-card via the hospital web site. (Maggie Bushway, Room 104)

Rob's been a particular encouragement to our family, as we have been facing our own medical challenges as we care for my mother-in-law after her stroke and subsequent brain surgery this summer. I cannot imagine how hard this is for Rob and his wife, Kathi; I praise God for their faith and their willingness to reach out to others during this time.

Rob's been amazingly transparent throughout this ordeal as he shares the grief, pain, and many of the lessons he's learned from this experience. Through it all, he shares his unwavering faith. It's obvious that Rob and his family, in the midst of tremendous pain, is also enjoying the peace that passes all understanding. I know that Rob and his family appreciate your prayers, too.

Several friends in the Tablet PC community have blogged additional details here, here, and here.

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A personal request for a friend and his daughter

Eric, Great idea. I've sent our greeting!


Posted at 10/10/2005 17:24:36 by Dean

A personal request for a friend and his daughter

Eric, I've sent my greetings, too. Get well soon, Maggie.

Greetings from Germany

Posted at 10/11/2005 9:56:46 by Ulrich "eknori" Krause

A personal request for a friend and his daughter

I have also sent along a greeting for Maggie.

Posted at 10/11/2005 10:39:55 by Bruce Elgort

A personal request for a friend and his daughter

I've also sent my greetings to Maggie.

I wish her and her family all the best.

Posted at 10/11/2005 23:46:30 by Axel Matthies

A personal request for a friend and his daughter

Eric, I have sent my greetings to Maggie from Huizen in the Netherlands (not far from Amsterdam)

Posted at 10/12/2005 10:48:03 by Cor

A personal request for a friend and his daughter

Your site has been very informational on my hunt for good information for the M4 that I'm planning on buying, and it has been inspirational in other ways as well. It is a bit late, but I have sent Maggie a good luck message. I hope she is doing well, and I will keep reading your blog for all sorts of information, Tablet-wise and Maggie-wise. :)


Posted at 10/15/2005 20:55:35 by Anrui Ukimi

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