OK, The box is open

Thursday, May 19th, 2005
I'm getting ready for my first out-of-box experience with the M4. I've promised Mark and James the first interview once I have the M4 opened and set up. We're planning to do that this evening. Meanwhile, if you're curious, you can listen along share the initial experience.

Listen along as I open up my new Tecra M4

Eric Mack On-line - May 19, 2005, (17 min 28 sec) MP3  4.13 MB

 (No time to listen and insert chapter markers. Sorry)

- I describe the contents of each box as I open it
- James Kendrick Skypes me to find out how it's going
- I get to box #4
- ...
- This is awesome!
- Laptop mode
- Tablet mode

Next step is to take a tour of the M4 and power up for my first out of box experience with the M4 ...

Should I bother to podcast this? Is this interesting? I could simply use the Tablet for a week or so and then post something then. Let me know if I should record my out-of-box experience.

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Podcast it all!

yes please!


podcast it all.. I feel uber-geeky listening to it, but it's strangely satisfying..

Posted at 05/19/2005 16:14:33 by jason

OK, The box is open

My goodness, Eric, you've got us all hanging on your every move. Podcast every step you take. jk's right. It's a vicarious Xmas for a lot of folks.

Posted at 05/19/2005 16:51:54 by Warner Crocker

Mystery solved ...

The little metal ring is to remove the nibs from the pen when you need to. Of course it's also referred to as the super secret Tablet decoder ring.

Posted at 05/19/2005 17:05:31 by Warner Crocker

Tablet question ...

If a Toshiba tablet boots, and no one is there, has it really booted?

Posted at 05/19/2005 17:42:27 by Mike

OK, The box is open

What a delight, pleasure and privilege to listen to you do this with your family. Microsoft and Toshiba should license your podcasts and use them for promotion, and also for what they can do to improve the OOBE.

By the way, there's no real way to train the handwriting recognition, it trains you.

Posted at 05/19/2005 20:59:57 by Warner Crocker

OK, The box is open

Too bad we couldn’t see your facial expression

Posted at 05/20/2005 6:04:35 by F

OK, The box is open

Hey Eric,

I myself ordered a Tecra a few days ago. What are the specs on your Tecra?


Posted at 05/22/2005 14:24:17 by Farhan Malik

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