ScottMoehringWorkflowDiagram.jpgScott Moehring, a tremendously creative and talented design/process consultant offered me his workflow diagram to distribute, free of charge, at the Beyond Planning: eProductivity conference. Some of you may recognize this diagram as Scott posted it on the various GTD groups and forums.

I've been a fan of Scott's work from many years and I will use some of his diagrams in my presentations. This workflow diagram summarizes on one page, Scott's understanding of many key workflow behaviors in David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology. I've used this, along with my own diagram and a full set of GTD templates, to help me in my weekly review and action planning process.

We've arranged to include Scott's workflow diagram, in full color, on the 4,000-5,000 CD's that we will hand out at the conference.  I'm sure that the people of Manila will benefit greatly from the diagram.  (I wish I had time to solicit others from folks I know.)


Thanks, Scott!

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re: Scott Moehring to provide workflow diagram at BP Conf.

Very kind words you have posted on your blog. Thank you very much.

I hope the diagram finds its way into the hands of many people who can benefit from it.


Posted at 11/23/2007 13:30:43 by Scott Moehring

Scott Moehring to provide workflow diagram at BP Conf.

Hi Eric and Scott. I Used this template for a while, and now I just translated to spanish. Can I post it in my blog? And Eric can you share your colection of GTD templates? that could be so great!.

Posted at 11/28/2007 21:20:12 by Matias Mazza

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