New gear for the mobile Office 2.0 worker

Saturday, September 1st, 2007
Whether it's GTD or geek gadgets, Marc is one of my favorite people to talk with about mobile productivity.  Marc's completed the tour of batman's gadget bag; now he shows us the amazing array of mobile productivity devices he carries inside that cool bag and then shares how he makes it all work together.
Marc Orchant shows us his current mobile productivity toolkit (as of June, 2007)

A few of the goodies inside Marc's gadget bag (as of June 2007)

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
Nokia N95
Stowaway Sierra BlueTooth Keyboard
Treo 700p

Will Marc add an iPhone to his bag?

Ten minutes into the interview, I ask Marc if he will purchase the new iPhone...
"No, not the first generation. Absolutely not. Apple has a number of issues to resolve..."
Marc Orchant, June 18, 2007

[Less than 2 weeks  later, Marc decides he can't wait for iPhone 2.0]

What software does Marc use on this array of devices?

Built-in apps
Specialized apps
Web [Office 2.0] apps
   Multimedia managers
   Social networking tools

Marc launches a new blog: Platform Agnostic

See Marc's platform agnostic blog

Where will the Palm Folio fit in to this mix?

Marc shares his thoughts 23 minutes in...  

Why do I use my Notetaker wallet so much?

Instant on
No BSOD (Michael said that)

Marc's predictions on the next devices he thinks we will see from Nokia...

NOTE: Of course, everything we talked about in this podcast is so two months ago; I plan to corner Marc again next week at the Office 2.0 conference and find out what he's currently carrying in his Batman gadget bag.

Recorded in the lobby of the Boston Waterfront hotel at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, June 18, 2007.

Podcast length: 24 minutes.

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