I've written before that I was disappointed that Lotus Notes wasn't more ink friendly. Well, I'm pleased to report that I'm using Notes on my new Lenovo X61 Tablet PC with Vista. Nothing's changed on the IBM Notes side, but the TIP implementation in Vista makes Notes MUCH easier to use with a stylus. On the flight back from Boston, I processed several hundred emails in Lotus Notes on my X61 Tablet - entirely in slate mode. The improvement and my change in perception about Notes as an ink enabled app is due to two things: first, the ink support and the TIP implementation in Vista are very good. Second, the Lenovo X61 Tablet is a great machine.  Nothing like my other tablet. The pen is like writing in paper and the size and button layout makes it a dream to use. You might even say I'm about to become YABHTU again.

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Lotus Notes rocks on the X61 Tablet PC with Vista!

I own a Tecra Tablet M4 2.0GHz 1 gigRam, thinking about getting the X61... What is the speed difference???

Posted at 07/06/2007 15:12:56 by Christopher K

re: Lotus Notes rocks on the X61 Tablet PC with Vista!

Christopher, I own the same M4 as you. I have no speed test results, so I'll give you my opinion:

The X61 is definately faster.

The X61 is MUCH more reliable.

The X61 is smaller and lighter and does not consume batteries nearly as quickly as my M4.

That said, the M4 does have a nice screen and a regular size keyboard, so if portability is not a concern, the larger M4 screeen and keyboard is very nice.

I hope this helps. Eric

Posted at 07/06/2007 23:22:53 by Eric Mack

Lotus Notes rocks on the X61 Tablet PC with Vista!

My new X61 tablet is waiting for me at home (thank you, UPS delivery confirmation), and reading this makes me even MORE eager to get home and crack it open!! I'll be interested to see how you like it in a month, or in a year.

Posted at 07/25/2007 12:14:16 by Marissa

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