If Batman had a gadget bag...

Saturday, September 1st, 2007
He would probably wear like Marc Orchant carries. He would probably also be platform agnostic and live in the cloud

Marc Orchant shows us the gadget bag Batman would drool over

As part of my prep for the upcoming Office 2.0 conference, I'm listening to past interviews I've done, looking for excellent examples of people that are living and working the Office 2.0 lifestyle.

Listen in to this interview with my friends Marc Orchant and Michael Sampson as Marc gives us a tour of his gadget bag. This near-bulletproof gadget bag carries everything that Marc uses for mobile geek productivity.

The conversation is not strictly limited to gadget bags, though, as Marc shares how much of his data lives in the cloud allowing him to work from anywhere he has an internet connection.

We stop for a brief commercial break -  to plug Michael's excellent article on Calendaring & Scheduling in Messaging News Magazine. A worthy read!

We then continue discussing about Marc's [then current] mobile devices kit and all of the glue that he uses to get all of these to work together nearly as in sync as do in Lotus Notes....

Marc keeps his mail in only three folders, based on three states:
  • Unread (not a state, Marc calls this a potential)
  • Actionable e-mail that Marc has chosen to defer until a later review
  • ... you'll have to listen for more...

Search is the new UI

Michael said it. Marc denies it. (But we all know it's true.)
Marc uses Google Desktop for Mac and built-in search in Vista.

Three apps Marc always keeps open on his PC...

OneNote - Marc creates a OneNote entry for each calendar event

What devices does Marc use and how does manage them?

Why does Michael look so sharp today?

This is part one of three interviews we did that day on Marc's platform agnostic productivity toolkit.

Recorded in the lobby of the Boston Waterfront hotel at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, June 18, 2007.

Podcast length: 25 minutes

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If Batman had a gadget bag...

If Batman were a real person...he would be Marc Orchant.

Posted at 09/02/2007 22:20:42 by AaronF

re: If Batman had a gadget bag...

Shhhh... don't tell anyone.

Posted at 09/02/2007 22:40:04 by Eric Mack

If Batman had a gadget bag...

So, what you're telling me is Marc carries something that looks like a men's diaper bag??

{ Link }

{ Link }

Posted at 09/02/2007 22:46:44 by Kathy Mack

If Batman had a gadget bag...

Kathy - thanks - I feel so much better now! ;^)

And here I thought that:

a) I was done with diaper bags in my life

b) I was cool

Life has a way of setting us straight when we lapse into delusion. On point A, my wife reminded me that it's only a respite untl grandkids start showing up. On point B, my kids have already put that delusion to rest. Turns out I'm not cool - I'm a geek.

Who knew?

Posted at 09/04/2007 7:17:51 by Marc Orchant

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