It's a busy day here in the digital sandbox. David Allen just drove Buzz Bruggeman up in his Mini for a geek day in beautiful Pine Mountain Club. (David decided to drive up the back way, on Highway 33, on windy mountain roads. I'm happy to report that Buzz survived; breakfast intact.) I invited my friend, Paul Edwards to join us, too. We're now sitting in my conference room, having the most amazing conversations about tech, productivity, ActiveWords, Tablet PCs productivity, Notes, and getting things done.
Is there anyone Buzz does not know? David and I lost count of how many people Buzz knows but we decided that he's definitely one connected guy.  
Buzz has had a new a new Tablet PC for 40+ days and has yet to use it. I've had new Tablet PC for 14 days and I'm trying to use it. Together, we taught each other a few things - except how to get the external VGA port on Buzz' HP1100c to work. No matter, there's lots to show and tell.

Eric and Buzz demonstrate Tablet PC and ActiveWords technology to David and Paul

This afternoon, Buzz plans to give us a private demo of the new ActiveWords product for the Tablet PC. Then, we'll probably take turns sharing cool gear, tips, and tools that each of us use.

I'm not sure if we'll do a podcast today - too much happening, too fast. I'll try to post some highlights and photos later today. If I don't, I'm sure Buzz or David will ...

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Eric, David, Paul, and Buzz in the Digital Sandbox

I use the external VGA on my tc1100 all the time. What kind of problem is Buzz having?

Posted at 06/03/2005 19:57:20 by James Kendrick

Buzz just needs to know how to enable external VGA

Thanks, James.

I tried looking for an HP screen utility on Buzz' tablet. I'm sure it's there, but Buzz would not let me have the tablet long enough to poke around - he wanted to get to the ActiveWords demo, so we skipped the projector.

A feature that I appreciate about the Tecra is the crosspoint, which goes instantly to the screen config. Does the HP have something equivalent?

Posted at 06/03/2005 20:28:30 by Eric Mack

Eric, David, Paul, and Buzz in the Digital Sandbox

I bet he needs to turn the external vga on. Press the Q Menu and click on Internal / External. That will activate the display on both the tablet and external port.

Posted at 06/03/2005 21:55:02 by Rob Bushway

Eric, David, Paul, and Buzz in the Digital Sandbox

BTW: The Q Menu is activate by the Q button on the side fo the tablet.

Posted at 06/03/2005 21:55:47 by Rob Bushway

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