Wonderful GEEC & GTD Dinner in Boston

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
Our second  GEEC (Global Experts in Electronic Collaboration) & GTD dinner was a success. A great time and some very interesting discussions. Tom Hagan of Actioneer joined us, too...


Thank you to all who attended.

Fellow GEEC, Michael Sampson, blogged the dinner from his Blackberry.

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Wonderful GEEC & GTD Dinner in Boston

Thanks for coming Eric (and for getting everyone together when I was late for the dinner that I called). And thanks for inviting Tom ... it was a treat to have him involved.


Posted at 06/21/2007 8:19:37 by Michael Sampson

re: Wonderful GEEC & GTD Dinner in Boston

Michael, is the session you are in so boring that you are reading my blog and commenting? ;-)

Posted at 06/21/2007 8:24:15 by Eric Mack

Wonderful GEEC & GTD Dinner in Boston

Eric, could you ask Tom if there are any plans to release an updated version of Actioneer for the Palm (or any handheld/smartphone, for that matter)? Or, perhaps they'd consider open-sourcing it so others could bring it up to date.

It was a great, useful piece of software, but it's woefully outdated now.

Posted at 06/21/2007 10:29:16 by Scott

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