Win your own DocuPen RC800 Mobile Scanner

Friday, January 27th, 2006
How would a pen based scanner like the RC800 impact your digital lifestyle? Rob Bushway has generously offered to award a brand new DocuPen RC800 Mobile Scanner to the most compelling answer to that question.

If the RC800 would allow me to bring images into programs like Acrobat or OneNote in near real-time, it would make an ideal companion for my paperless challenge. I won't hide the fact that I'd really like to evaluate a small ultra-portable scanner; the RC800 looks like a nice solution. This evening I told Marc Orchant that I was trying to think up a compelling reason why Rob should pick me; I joked that I hoped my reason would be more compelling than whatever Tracy over at the Student Tablet PC blog might think up.

Although Tracy's not yet posted her reason, I think she would be an excellent person to get the pen. I'm sure that it would be a big help to her as she works with OneNote and I'm certain that she would tell us all about her experiences scanning documents into OneNote and Acrobat. This would add great value to the Tablet PC Community.

If you would like to tell Rob why you think YOU should receive the pen, visit his blog for details.

If you have experience successfully using a pen like the RC800 to scan documents into OneNote and Adobe Acrobat in near-real-time, I'd like to hear from you.

Thank you, Rob, for your offer. It's inspired me to think about sharing some of the goodies in my lab. I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea.

Shameless Hint: If the folks at DocuPen want to send me an RC800 DocuPen to evaluate, I'll certainly put it through a serious challenge and blog about it - especially if it works better than this attempt to scan on the run.

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Win your own DocuPen RC800 Mobile Scanner


I've sent the folks at planon your blog post. hopefully someone will contact you...


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