Why yes Wendy, it IS Rocket Science

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
Tonight, after the NASA KM conference, many of us went to dinner at Burger Continental, a local hangout for CalTech folks. Wendy joined me, Jeanne Holm, David Pender, and others for dinner.


Later in the evening, Paul Caraccioli, Program manager of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Propulsion System Department (PSD)* KM System came over and sat down and started to share with Wendy some of the problems his group is facing getting the engines for the Lunar lander to work. Wendy listened attentively, as she's very interested in engineering and space exploration. What a treat, thank you, Paul, for making engineering real and for inspiring a future engineer.

* Long title; they deal with engines - fast ones

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Why yes Wendy, it IS Rocket Science

Thank you Mr. Caraccioli for taking the time to share with me what you are doing. I enjoyed learning about what you do.

Posted at 07/21/2007 13:39:25 by Wendy Mack

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