Why buy a Tablet PC?

Sunday, April 17th, 2005
I just reread my blog entry about  the Tablet PC. The aspect of the TabletPC that interests me the most is the prospect of using digital ink to transform the way that I work:
I've been following the analog approach to note-taking. It's an attractive option. It's one of the key reasons that I plan to move to a Tablet PC - I look forward to the simplicity of analog note-taking and mind mapping with the benefits of digital recall.

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I am now YABHTU.

Hi Eric - Just wanted you to know I am now YABHTU. Your posts were instrumental in my deciding to take the plunge. Went with the Fujitsu. It arrived today - right on schedule. Your posts saved me a lot of legwork. Just wanted to say thanks.

Posted at 04/18/2005 20:21:00 by Kim Snider

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