Due to the extreme fire hazard where we live, there are no fireworks within 50 miles our house. Fort Tejon 31 gun cannon salute to the states in the Union. July 4, 2009For July 4th we sometimes drive down the mountain to see fireworks or we find another way to celebrate the holiday. This afternoon, we celebrated July 4th at Fort Tejon as it was celebrated in the 1850's. There, we got to see a 31 gun cannon salute to the 31 states in the union at the time, compete in sack races, tug-of-war, and pie eating contests.

constitution_thumb_295_dark_gray_bg.jpgThis evening, I plan to print and read the Declaration of Independence with my family. We will try to imagine what the circumstances were like that led our nations founding fathers to draft this document - a document that shapes much of who we are as Americans and why we are not English.

This document defines principles of limited government and personal freedoms. It sets the groundwork for a government that will represent the people and protect and encourage these principles as rights.  I encourage you to become familiar with the language and the arguments in the Declaration and to think about it as you read or discuss issues concerning public policy.

Take some time today or this weekend to read this important document.

It's important to understand what we are protecting.

Happy 4th of July, America!

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When was the last time you read the Declaration?

You will note that the declaration says the "King of Great Britain", not the King of England. That being the case Americans were never English although many of them can trace their roots back there.

Posted at 7/6/2009 2:35:06 AM by John Lindsay

re: When was the last time you read the Declaration?

Good point. Thanks for catching that.

Posted at 7/6/2009 9:31:50 AM by Eric Mack

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