Track Chair Wrap-up at NASA KM Conference

Thursday, July 19th, 2007
Latest KM Research Trends & technologies
NASA has an agency-wide initiative to use Persistent Immersive Synthetic Environments for Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration. Four drivers;
1. Mission support (Modelling, simulation, collaboration)
2. Outreach (public engagement)
3. Education
4. Internal Training

Case study of Pratt Whitney-Rocketdyne on Systems Theory in KM. Their successful KM program built on the four phases of KM: Knowledge creation, storage, transfer, and application. Five stages of their KM implementation: Determine state of processes, Identify & classify existing KM systems, and ... oh well, go read my notes from earlier...

Virtual Collaboration, success through failure
Estelle shared best practices in collaboration. (See my write-up) Things to come: Blogging, expert locators, science-based facebook, interoperability and standards.

Creating a learning organization at NASA
You know what? I'm tired. Please read the presentations and see my blog for comments.

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