Total Workday Control, a new book to read

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak with Michael Linenberger using Skype. We talked about Tablet PCs as a productivity tool. It was a great discussion. Today, I opened my mail and found that Michael had just sent me his latest book, Total Workday Control, to review.

Last year I purchased Michael's previous book, Seize the workday -- all about the using the Tablet PC to increase productivity. It was worth every dollar I paid for it. I use many of the tips I learned from Michael each day. (In fact, Tracy Hooten and I talk about some of them in our podcasts on the paperless challenge.)

In Total Workday Control, Michael focuses on using Microsoft Outlook as a tool. Although I'm not a heavy Outlook user, I enjoy seeing what others are doing with various tools. I see that my buddy, Marc Orchant has written the forward. I know this book's going to be good.

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Total Workday Control, a new book to read


Is Michael's methodolgy and book consistent with GTD?

On a separate note - I have been fascinated by your paperless challenge and while I don't have a tablet PC, it has encouraged me to start digitizing what paper I do have much more and also use paper less. In fact I ordered the book scanner that you referred to in your post on the basis of your comments and those of Tracy also.

Thanks for an interesting perspective.


Posted at 2/16/2006 12:16:37 PM by Paul M

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