Top Ten Signs You’re a GTD Disciple

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
I routinely scan many of the GTD forums to get a pulse on the interests and applications of people who apply the GTD methodology to their projects and actions. It's not uncommon, at the end of the year, for various top ten lists to emerge. Here's one that made me laugh...

Top Ten Signs You're a GTD Disciple

10. While driving home from work, you have to pull over three times to jot it down and empty your mind.

9. You put your weekly review on a Someday/Maybe list. … NOT!

8. You go to McDonalds for lunch but – before ordering – you draw a mind map of what an ideal fast food meal would look and taste like.

7. You use a Brother P-Touch to label your kitchen drawers.

I think you get the point ...

Oh, there's this gem:

3. You know that the "two-minute rule" has nothing to do with the conclusion of football games.

You can find more signs and interesting discussion in the Yahoo Groups Getting Things Done Forum

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Top Ten Signs You’re a GTD Disciple

Nice post - thanks for pointing me to the Yahoo Groups. This list is pretty humorous...

Posted at 12/22/2005 18:44:41 by Ken Broeren

Top Ten Signs You’re a GTD Disciple

Hi Eric, very nice post! I'm interested in reading some of the GTD resources. I also like your blog, and the new 3rd column added!

Posted at 04/09/2006 16:57:19 by paula

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