This weekend, a friend shared a list of the top ten things a father can give his children.

1. A Spiritual compass

2. A Biblical self-image

3. Physical affection

4. Roots and wings

5. Marital harmony

6. A positive attitude

7. Purposeful discipline

8. A good role-model

9. A passion for life

10. ______________

What would YOU add to this list?

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Top Ten Gifts a Dad can give his Children

Hi Eric

A great post. Can I suggest that number 5 would be better if it said "A Dad who loves and shows love to their Mother"

My number 10: His trust and confidence in them.

Posted at 06/21/2009 15:01:32 by Paul Gardner

Number 10

This list would be incomplete without adding "Time set aside for family". Its too easy to allow work and personal interests take over the short time we have while the kids are at home.

Posted at 06/21/2009 17:19:29 by Roland Reddekop

Top Ten Gifts a Dad can give his Children

My Item 10: could be several:

a) Positive encouragement rather than criticism

b) More time and less pocket money

c) Parenting rather than friendship

Posted at 06/21/2009 22:53:51 by Ian Randall

Top Ten Gifts a Dad can give his Children

My gifts in no particular order:

1. A Critical mind

2. A sense of right and wrong and the skills to develop their own sense of these

3. Love and to know that they are loved

4. Honesty (to be honest with them and reward their honesty)

5. Consistency in my dealings with them as a parent

6. Security

7. Education

8. Good relationships (They are too young to have romantic ones but I couldn't care less if they date either gender as long as they are caring supportive relationships)

9. Time, my time to listen to them

10. Opportunity

There you go. Your points come more from your Christian background. I'm an atheist. I'm honest with the children about the way I think but (I hope) without closing their minds to those big questions.

Posted at 06/22/2009 2:58:10 by jason hook

Top Ten Gifts a Dad can give his Children

My item number 10 would be the abiliti to subtract item number 2

Posted at 06/22/2009 8:37:16 by Reasoned responsibility

Top Ten Gifts a Dad can give his Children

Hi Eric,

The relationship that is purely angelic is father and daughter's relationship... cos towards his wife there will be desire, towards his son there will be ambition but a fathers relationship towards his daughter---- there are no words to explain

Posted at 04/10/2010 4:53:26 by Giftagift

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