Three approaches to the truth

Friday, October 28th, 2005
Tonight, John MacArthur came and spoke in chapel on the importance of an accurate interpretation of the Scriptures. Majesty led the worship time. It was an inspiring evening and I'm glad I went. I really appreciate that John takes the time to come and address us each year; it was neat to be able to stick around and talk with him after. It was better than watching him on CNN; Larry King was not there to interrupt at the good points for a commercial break.  I mentioned to John that I really appreciated the fact that Grace to You now offers their daily broadcasts in mp3s via RSS. John told me that he was really excited to branch out into this new medium for publishing. I wonder if he will blog next?

I told a colleague that I would post the key points that I noted during John's teaching:

It's important to pursue an accurate interpretation of the Scriptures.

A true understanding of the Scriptures:
      reveals the true nature of God
      reveals the true nature of man

Many people don't like the clarity of the Scriptures, so they deny it, preferring to stay in the darkness.

Three approaches to the truth:

1. Cognition - to know
, to understand "the renewing of your mind."
2. Conviction - to believe
, when you believe it to the point that you take action
3. Affection - to know it and to believe it and to love it
- to delight in it (God's Law)
      (My note, if you are affected, then it will be visible in your life; you will put off the old ways and take on the new.)

Watch out for confusion, especially from those who would promote obscurity and perpetual uncertainty. The Bible is very clear.

Common challenges to the Scriptures
      Its authority
              Inspiration, inerrancy, authority
      Its sufficiency
      Its clarity

If you don't read it, you can't understand it. if you can't understand it, you can't know it.
Sorry about the lack of references. John provided them, I was writing fast.

Update: I just checked the GTY web site. Looks like they've made some significant updates to the web site, including a video that tells the story of the Grace to You radio ministry. A few years ago, we took our homeschool group to tour the world headquarters of Grace to You. It was neat to see the facilities and meet the people behind the radio ministry.

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Three approaches to the truth

Thanks for sharing the fact that they are doing mp3's. I've added that to my reader, and it might be what finally motivates me to buy an iPod. :)

Posted at 10/30/2005 9:40:45 by Thomas "Duffbert" Duff

Three approaches to the truth

Me too. I didn't know they were doing the mp3 thing. Thanks Eric!

Posted at 10/30/2005 9:44:46 by Walter Willis

Three approaches to the truth

thanks for that info, Eric.

Posted at 10/30/2005 14:42:55 by Rob Bushway, Tablet PC MVP

Three approaches to the truth

My priest's homily talked about today's gospel in similar terms.

I think it comes from the Deconization process.

Believe what you Read (Scripture)

Teach what you Believe

Do what you Teach.

Posted at 10/30/2005 19:29:55 by Scott

Three approaches to the truth

Dear Sir,

Yes, John MacArthur does some guest blogging. He has a few posts at the now inactive Pyromaniac blog (

Check out

{ Link }

{ Link }

{ Link }

To email me, remove the lowercase characters (nospam) from the email address above.

Posted at 02/18/2006 3:08:03 by jeff in japan

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