The party’s begun!

Saturday, May 7th, 2005
For months, billboards around Southern California, have been building up the excitement and counting the days to the 50th birthday anniversary kick-off at Disneyland.


This week - in-between lots of client work, two final exams, and day-to-day life - I found time this week to whisk my wife away to the Magic Kingdom for the special event. Julie Andrews was a delightful hostess and every attraction in the park that was 50 years old, had a gold element to it. The entire park was decorated with plenty of hidden Mickeys to find all over the park. Many of the rides had a special element, created just for the celebration.

Kathy and I enjoyed the nighttime show at the castle. Tink no longer flies in a straight line one time. Instead, she interacts with the events from high above. (Think 30 years ago -- Wonderful World of Disney.) It's best to watch this from the central plaza, as there are now activities (i.e. fireworks, lasers, etc.) going on all around the park. An amazing exchange of laser firepower between the castle and the top of Space Mountain. Perhaps I'll post some video clips. It was spectacular!

It was also a celebration for Kathy and me, as it was almost 15 years ago to the day that I proposed to her.

The next day, we went to Disneyland to celebrate our engagement.

Many thanks to those who helped make this special day possible.

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The party´s begun!

This sounds like a great day, with special meaning for you. Please do include the video clips.

Posted at 05/10/2005 7:58:19 by Terry Porter

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