The Mack Family on the Wicked Stage

Friday, December 16th, 2005
The 1st Annual Life On The Wicked Stage Ink Blot Awards have been handed out and the Mack's received several of the highly distinguished awards. (Well, we did not actually receive anything - like money or a golden statue - but it's an honor nonetheless. *)

Ink blot awards host and Tablet PC MVP,  Warner Crocker, had this to say at the ceremony:
The Tableteers that make up the Tablet PC Community are an amazing collection of individuals who know and work with the Tablet PC platform. They are fiercely protective of it, insatiably curious about advancing it, very intelligent, often wickedly funny, at one time very forgiving and patient, and in the same breath, scathingly critical when the need arises. They are also exceedingly willing to evangelize the platform to anyone who will listen, and in my humble opinion, have helped keep the spotlight on The Tablet PC in ways that may, in the long run, prove to be responsible for keeping the platform thriving.

Here are the awards we received this year:

Best Exhibit Of Restraint When It Comes To Opening A New Tablet PC:
  • Eric Mack  (#2)
Best Kids Explain How To Use OneNote And A Tablet PC:
  • Amy and Wendy Mack
Best Running Battle With Toshiba Technical Support: Best Tablet PC OOBE: (Out of Box Experience)
  • Eric Mack with Those Tablet PC Podcaster Guys.
Best And Most Famous Tablet PC Acronym: YABHTU
  • Eric Mack (Sorry, Marc!)
I had no idea I spent so much time blogging about my tablet.

Thanks, Warner!

* I hoped I might receive a coveted Tablet PC guy; apparently, these guys are extremely difficultt to come by so I'll just have to keep on wishing... (Hint, Hint)

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