The Brain gets another good review

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
After looking at the new version of The Brain 4.0 in greater detail I decided that there were a few colleagues and associates I really wanted to see this product. I know that I would learn as much from their review of the product as they would from my introduction. One of these people was Michael Sampson.  Michael and I set up a web meeting with Shelley Hayduk and Harlan Hugh, founders of The Brain Technologies, Ltd.

In typical Sampson-style, Michael's posted a good review of the product and his thoughts on The Brain.  If you are interested in associative mind mapping or the visualization of information, Michael's review of The Brain 4.0 is worth a read.

You can also listen to my podcasts with Shelley and Harlan on The Brain, here.  (part one and part two)

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