The ActiveWords Team does it in ink!

Saturday, June 4th, 2005
Here's a quick eProductivity tool: ink gestures that will make your Tablet PC experience more productive.

The ActiveWords team has done it again - this time, in ink.

[Notice: If you're a Tablet PC user, move it away so that you don't drool on the screen. If you are not yet a tablet user, here's another reason to consider one ...]

Yesterday, during our geek day in the digital sandbox, Buzz treated David, Paul, and me to a preview of the next release of ActiveWords InkPad for the Tablet PC.

uses the LiveBoard to demonstrate how ActiveWords can be used to simplify
the internet search process

The new ActiveWords InkPad, presently in beta, allows for the immediate launch of any of the productivity features of ActiveWords with a simple gesture. Now, that's an eProductivity tool I can blog about!

Tonight, I installed the 1.5 InkPad beta on my Tablet PC, hovered over the target region and inked the letters "EMO," A few seconds later, my blog appeared. See for yourself ...

Watch me use the ActiveWords
InkPad to launch a web site

More encouragement for my wild journey to Tablet PC productivity.

I've got a busy week ahead; lots of client meetings. I'll blog when I can.

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The ActiveWords Team does it in ink!

Eric, I have tried ActiveWords and yes - it is a really nice application and very helpful on the PC. I have since however switched to the Mac - and over here in Mac Land there's a freeware utility called Quicksilver ({ Link } ) that is so far ahead of the ActiveWord stuff, it just isn't funny. While ActiveWord requires you to train the app, Quicksilver just scans all kinds of stuff on your computer: Applications, Files, Songs in iTunes, etc. etc. Activating it and then typing a couple of letters (emo would work for your blog, as well as erimac as well and any combination) finds an item and a second button press (TAB) gives you access to all the actions you can do with it (start/kill a program, contact: open it, send an email, ...)

If you have the chance, get to a Mac with Quicksilver installed and take a look at it. This is the way to true productivity ;-)

Posted at 06/05/2005 8:28:51 by Jens-Christian Fischer

The ActiveWords Team does it in ink!

That looks totally cool. Hats off to Buzz and the Activewords team!!!

Posted at 06/05/2005 21:08:04 by Jason

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