Thats right, Elguji is not a yoga position

Thursday, August 21st, 2008
Bruce and team Elguji continue to make inroads with IdeaJam, not only with the innovative product they have created it is but for creativity in advertising. Here's a screen shot from the latest PlanetLotus banner ad:


I think Bruce's ad is a little misleading: You do not need to be a Notes or Domino shop to benefit from Elguji's IdeaJam technology. A simple vanilla Domino install (or even a hosted instance from a third party) is all you need. (I told Bruce not to include mention of Notes & Domino but he only listens to me when I blog in public, like this.)

At ICA, we use IdeaJam to track ideas that our customers would like to see in our eProductivity (a product that makes implementing David Allen's GTD methodology in Lotus Notes easy). So far, IdeaJam is working well for us. I think it's a practical application of Web.20, bringing customers into the middle of the feedback and design loop. We had our eProductivityJam site up and running in minutes. No product development management should be without a tool like IdeaJam.

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