Thank you Lotus Community

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
I appreciate many people in the Lotus community some affectionately call the yellow bubble. As just one example, l last night I reached out to Volker Weber on Skype with a question for an idea that I had for how to reach and serve this community. It was the first time we have communicated, but he was right there, offering input and advice that changed the direction of my plan - I believe for the better.

That's just one example; I've had similar experiences with many in the yellow sphere and have made many wonderful friendships as a result.

This is a neat group of people to hang out with.

And they are all yellow.

That's cool!

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Thank you Lotus Community

Thanks for the kind word, Eric. It was a pleasure. And no, I am not yellow. ;-)

Posted at 07/29/2009 13:09:54 by Volker Weber

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