Testing the Lenovo X61 Battery

Monday, June 18th, 2007
I brought two fully changed 8-cell batteries with we to the conference. My goal is to make it though the day on battery power alone. I've set the laptop for Low-power, mid-brightness and Wifi, enabled. The power bar reports 4.5 hours available. we'll see how I do.

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Testing the Lenovo X61 Battery

You only got about two hours runtime? Ouch.

Posted at 06/18/2007 13:39:17 by Michael Harrison

re: Testing the Lenovo X61 Battery

My battery life-remaining was going down fasts I dropped the brightness and disabled wireless except to replicate. I'm now at 3 hours CF Min. run tire with 33% remaining.

On a separate note, vista's TIP is much easier to use with Lotus Notes. Cool!

Posted at 06/18/2007 20:37:18 by Eric Mack

Switching battery

Going into the next session. Decided to switch batteries..

Posted at 06/18/2007 22:32:02 by Eric Mack

3.5 hours today, 25% remaining

Still getting used to power options.

Posted at 06/19/2007 10:32:50 by Eric Mack

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