As promised, Toshiba delivered a prepaid Tablet PC shipping box to me, today. I quickly put my Tecra M4 into the box, along with my cover letter, sealed it shut, and handed it to the UPS driver. (How's that for a 4 1/2 minute turn-around.) The box is now on its way to the Toshiba repair center in Lousiville Kentucky and will arrive Monday. Then, I expect that the real repair adventure will begin. I truly hope that this will be the non-event of my blog and that next week I'll be YABHTU again.

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Tecra repair update, day 3 - the adventure begins

My Toshiba M4 is travelling to Toshiba HQ in Irvine for the 4th repair. The day before I sent it off it overheated again, but this time it wasn't the GPU... the HDD hit 75C or higher and the notebook shut down and would not turn back on. So it isn't just a broken USB that came back from repair #3, still has overheating problems... although strangely it came from the HDD instead of the GPU this time.

Posted at 06/26/2006 20:37:05 by Sean

Tecra repair update, day 3 - the adventure begins

BTW, the repair center in Kentucky is UPS. Toshiba hired UPS to do repair work on at least their notebook computers, so instead of a Toshiba technician you have someone at UPS who is "looking" into your notebook and hopefully fixing it. I wish you the best, because I got 3 machines back in equal or worse condition from them.

Posted at 06/26/2006 20:38:47 by Sean

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