Tablets and Macs sharing the stage

Monday, June 18th, 2007
Michael is doing a great job of using both his Mac (as a presentation tool) and his Lenovo X60 Tablet as a mobile note-taking device for real-time display during the Enterprise 2.0 conference.
Michael's taking notes using OneNote in real-time as he presents. Then, during each break, he uploads the notes to the web. (Example) A powerful use of a Tablet. Today, he's tethered by a 25' VGA cable. I'll have to show him how to use MaxiVista for true mobility.  Note: if you want to do the same, you'll need to disable screen saver and auto-rotation. Also, you'll need to invert the tablet screen from the normal landscape orientation. Overall, it works well.

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Tablets and Macs sharing the stage

Thanks for your help today Eric. I appreciated that you helped me out with some of the technical issues.

Posted at 06/18/2007 18:07:05 by Michael Sampson

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