Tablet PC - Productivity tool for business

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
While I relaxed yesterday, Michael got the jump on me by writing an excellent post with suggestions about the type of people the he thinks will benefit the most from a Tablet PC.

Michael suggests that the business people who will benefit the most from a Tablet PC are those who:
  • Spend Lots of Time in Meetings
  • Use Sketches and Drawings to Communicate
  • Lead Seminars, Courses and Workshops
  • Review and Edit Letters, Documents and Other Papers.
  • Like to Use a Whiteboard for Communicating and Sharing Information.
What do you think? You can read his post here.

Michael and I agree that it is likely that the Tablet PC, as a mobile computing platform, will eventually replace laptops as the device of choice. I'm still looking for a brilliant Tablet PC developer to step forward with a solution to last week's challenge. Meanwhile, I'll work on the software side of the YABHTU equation. Michael's got a good list, and we're on the same page/screen.

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