Studying Communities and Knowledge Management

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

(Dr. Joseph Betser of The Aerospace Corporation, presenting doctoral work of two doctoral students at UCI.)

KM issues in Aerospace

Aerospace workforce issues
        Average age of production workers: 51
        Average age of engineers: 54
        About 27% eligible for retirement by 2008

Generation Gap
        500,000 laid off in 1990s
        Difficulty in recruiting young engineers

Challenges of knowledge silos in Aerospace
        Employees work in secure environment
        Often, knowledge cannot be shared, even within the same company

Knowledge is required to gain competitive advantage. As a result, knowledge is power, which leads to knowledge hoarding and silos.

The problem with charge numbers: Employees need to use personal time for many knowledge activities as many employers do not provide charge code for pure knowledge development activities.

Presentation of engineering as both a culture and as a craft and it's impact on KM activities.

KM is different from IT; it is progressive (see slide)
        KM Tools/Practices can handle knowledge efficiently
        KM Tools/Practices for connecting people
slide change, sorry, missed it.

I'm not really doing this research presentation justice, so don't base your opinion soley on this blog post. Know that I'm simply capturing some key elements, not necessarily the entire message.

Tacit knoweldge can be converted into explicit knoweldge, but it's not easy to do.

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