I've travelled to the campus of Pepperdine University to attend the Southern California Knowledge Management Forum II this week. For the benefit of my KM colleagues, friends, and anyone else that cares to read along, I'll attempt to blog some of the conference highlights. Time permitting, I'll add my own comments, otherwise, I'll focus on the capturing what's going on and add my two cents later.

The theme of the conference is: The Evolution of Knowledge for Value Creation

The conference agenda for the next three days is quite full. Today's agenda includes a number of presentations and discussions. The three sessions for today are:
  • KM for Project Development, Management and Execution
  • International Knowledge Management
  • Lessons for Future KM Practices

Kiho Sohn presented an overview of the history of events that led up to this KM conference. (This is the second year. I attended the previous iteration when it was hosted by JPL at Caltech.

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Southern California Knowledge Management Forum II (2008)

Thanks so much for doing this blog Eric! It's a great benefit to those of us attending this event (and others you have blogged).

Posted at 09/10/2008 13:35:01 by Jeanne Holm

re: Southern California Knowledge Management Forum II (2008)

I should thank you, Jeanne, for hosting an exceptional KM conference. I look forward to next year. perhaps IU'll present a paper!

Posted at 09/29/2008 20:21:10 by Eric Mack

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