20091117-KMWorldAndyMcAfee.JPGMy workshop on high performance knowledge workwork went well. Today we are on schedule fo the KMWORLD conference and our keynote presenter is none other than Andy McAfee. (Let me explain the photo. I wore my Michael Sampson mask as I entered the room where the keynote was and Andy saw me right away and waived. So, there you are, Michael. Andy says hi.)

Here are some of my notes from his presentation on resetting the enterprise with Enterprise 2.0 technologies.

Why does Enterprise 2.0 work?

     People want to help

     - Stop obsessing about risks
             Lower barriers to altruism

     Beware of the 'one best way' and slotting people into a predefined workflow
     Emergent tools allow altruism and innovation

     Ask "How much workflow, this process, this structure, is necessary to be successful at this time?"

     make it easier to corect mistakes instead of hard to create them
     use tools that let structue appear


     Strategy may be dead
     Time for a Chief innovation Officer instead of Chief Strategist
     Don't nail it down up front. Set the direction and the outcome.
     Innocentive - open source problem solving for problems that stump the home organization
             Question credentialism. Innocentive lets anyone, regardless of credentials look at this.
     Build communities that people want to join

     Example: Verizon Customer support open source
             Createed method of identity and the ability to acquire status reputation and identity

     With a little bit of technology facilitation, crowds can be very wise
             Enable peer review
             Experiment with collective intelligence (wisdom of crowd)

     Better collaboration is not the only goal
             "Narrate your work" (Dave Weiner) Do this over time and let people link to it and talk about it.
     Increated awareness, not of solutions, but of people behind the solutions
     Real results
     Sitting this one out is a bad idea
     Look at technology with fresh eyes
     We're not going back to business as usual

How to succeed with Enterprise 2.0
     How to snatch defeat from the laws of vistory
             - Declare war on the existing enterprise
             - Allow waled gardens to flourish
             - Accentuating the negative
             - Try to replace email
     New entrant needs to be 10x better than incumbent (e-mail is not going away)
             Where you can succeed is where there is a blank space in technology landscape (no incumbent)
     Fall in love with features
             Think iPod - all it does is play music.
     Overuse the word "social"

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